Gabriele Ferlitsch

By being responsive and respectful, Gabriele Ferlitsch is able to foster excellent working relationships with both investors and tenants in her role as property manager with the One Agency team. Her laidback, genuine style works wonders in keeping everyone onside and happy.

With a career background that crosses the public and private sectors, it has given her the scope to make a positive impact with people. It why she is transparent and friendly – because she knows the “forceful” approach of many property managers is not going to cut it.

Drawn to property management because every day is different, Gabriele loves its unpredictability and the opportunity to resolve any problems that crop up in the best interests of everyone involved. Always calm and considerate, she is a great negotiator in every situation.

When Gabriele is not managing investment properties across Canberra like they’re her own, you will find her on the family farm bushwalking, and doing other outdoorsy activities with her two children. Her skills, experience and upbeat nature make her a breath of fresh air in property management.

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