Tanya Blewitt

For Tanya Blewitt, having integrity is everything. She is a big believer that doing the right thing will always pay off. That is why she is proud of what the team has achieved at Blewitt Properties – there are no shiny sales tactics, just old-school customer service.

As the director, Tanya is responsible for developing the business strategy and producing high-quality promotional material for clients. With a background in student administration at the Australian National University, Tanya is a seasoned task juggler and people-person.

Why real estate? Tanya likes looking at houses – it combines her interest in interior design with a curious streak. Most importantly, bad customer service makes her cringe. At Blewitt Properties, there’s no scope for being showy, just friendly interactions and transparency.

Being in business with husband, Brenden Blewitt, means the couple can better balance work and family commitments. The mum-of-two contributes to the local school community as a volunteer and is chief facilitator of the kids’ after-school activities.

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